Sunday, November 25, 2012

What To Do?


So, it's been a week since my liberation from the education system. For the summer. Then I'm being unwillingly reinstated...Anyway.

I'm a big fan of fruit. Except bananas. Never give me a banana and expect for me to remain civil. I will eat them when they've been drowned in caramel, or fried up in pancake batter but if you actually wait for me to peel open a banana and dig in, you're insane. Insane.

I'm more of a tropical fruit gal, myself: mangoes, pineapple, lychees, coconuts, watermelon. Yum.

It's strawberry season here in NZ, and punnets of said fruit have found themselves devoured by my family over the past few weeks. I love strawberries with (cliché, but who cares) whipped cream. Or pavlova and chocolate. Today, I happened to have some good quality chocolate in the larder and decided to make this sinful treat. Actually, it's not that sinful. I mean, there's a lot of strawberries, and a bit of chocolate. It's fruit, isn't it?

Basically, melt some good quality chocolate (I used dark and milk) in a bowl. Then - here's the hard bit - put a heap of sliced strawberries into the chocolate and stir. Whoa. So difficult. I'm a little tired just writing the method down. (Sarcasm - I'm still waiting for an "Irony" button to be installed on computer keyboards...)

The picture may not be that appetizing but if you are willing to turn down strawberries covered in chocolate, then you are no longer my friend. Goodbye.

This is the general idea of what the strawberries should look like if you've followed the recipe well. Though it's not exactly rocket science and if you have screwed up, I don't suggest making anything else. I'm rolling my eyes, by the way. How can you fail at making this?

As an afterthought, you could maybe just get some chocolate dipped strawberries if you don't fancy making a mess like I've done.


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