Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope you've all had a lovely 2012. I know it was my toughest year, school-wise. It was also a great year as I made a whole bunch of new friends at school (I sound like a five year-old) and got addicted to YouTube. It's true, I spend more time online than outside. It's very sad. My social life has jumped out the window and made a hasty escape.

Do you like my drawing? Personally, I think it's the best I've ever done!

Hem hem...anyway...

I do think this year has gone extremely fast. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like yesterday that I was getting ready for 2012, and, to be honest, all of my old resolutions have gone down the drain. So, I've decided that 2013, however difficult it may be, will be the best year yet! My resolutions are as follows:
  1. Get in shape. No lying around, couch potato-style. 
  2. Eat healthy all the time. No more processed food, at all. Goodbye, ham.
  3. Be more adventurous and brave. No screaming at spiders. Unless they are really, really big.
There are a couple more, but I think these are the most important for me, personally. 

Have a wonderful year!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone (who celebrates Christmas) has been having a lovely holiday! I personally had a wonderful week, as my relatives came over to visit. They brought with them a heap of teenage-friendly presents.

I've completely pigged out on cookies and assorted snacks for the past few days, not to mention the many cans of soda and heaped plates of my mother's dark chocolate fudge. Looking back, I can now identify over-indulgence as the main cause of my splitting head + tummy-ache after Christmas mass. Among the presents under the tree were a beautiful pair of dark, distressed denim shorts that I shall be wearing for the rest of the summer, the entire set of "The Sullivan's" (an Australian soap from the 70's) and a gorgeous hot pink satchel.

Have a lovely rest of the year and good luck for 2013! (My resolution is to actually start working out, it's been a pipe dream for a while, now)...


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Joy To The World

"Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone." 

                  -Charles Schulz 

{You can now probably tell that none of these Christmas titles have anything to do with the actual posts}


A few days ago was the unveiling of my school's new building. I, being part of the choir, didn't get to have a tour of the place, but instead, was roped into warbling "What A Wonderful World" on a constant loop for two hours in the new music room. However, we did get ice cream after, so it was a win-win situation. Later, my French class watched a movie and ate crêpes as a "so long, farewell kind" of thing. It would have been awesome, had I not, while posing for a photo, sat on a crêpe covered in chocolate.

Auckland weather has been bi-polar for the past few days (tornadoes, sunshine, thunder, birds chirping), so I've been terrified to go outside in case I am caught in a sudden bout of hail.

 I have been keeping myself busy by making weird snacks, like dark chocolate sauce on cheese crackers. Not the most pleasant, but interesting. Definitely interesting. 



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa, Baby!

"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling."

                                          -Edna Ferber

Hey there!

It's DECEMBER!!!!!!!! Which means the first Santa of the year has been eaten:

And since I've had a heap of spare time, I've been making a lot of random art/craft stuff. I'm super excited to watch "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" directed by Stephen Chbosky, who ironically wrote the best-selling novel of the same name - I sound like Wikipedia *eye roll*. It's going to be amazing, and I just love the sub-line (is that what it's called?) of the movie: "We Are Infinite". So, that's how this little project came to be:

It took me twenty minutes to mix up the right green (I don't particularly like the green on the movie poster, so I went with a more pastel shade) because I'm terrible with paint. Then, a very long process of cutting a stencil of the "WE ARE" part, and trying to freehand the "INFINITE". Lots of stress.

But it's done now, and hanging up in my room.

In other news, my boohoo package FINALLY arrived this morning (boohoo is a clothing website). The shoes I ordered were the slightest bit small but I'm not complaining, they look fab. boohoo does have good clothes, so if you're looking for something nice, go onto the website and have a gander (here)

Well, off to listen to Red by Taylor Swift. That song has been branded onto my brain, I just can't listen to it enough. Thank you, Sarah.