Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How To Survive Exams


{Serious talk ahead}

For the last week, I've had six 3-hour long exams for Level 1 (that's Form 5 or sophomore year)...It was a bucket load of anxiety/stress/freaked-out-ness/crazy/insane mania.

So, I decided to make this list of what to do when you have to start doing school exams...I wish I had a list. I would've done a whole lotta things differently...*sigh*

{This photo is my friend, Sarah's. She is amazing at studying, and she made these really cool flashcards for revising accounting. If you are a person who learns well by flashcards and colour-coding, I suggest you try this method}

A. The first year of your serious, no-fooling-around exams:
  1. Get some proper stationery (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc...) for study.
  2. Find a study area - quiet, non-cluttered, away from distractions (TV/iPod/Computer!!!)
  3. Study! You can never start studying too soon. EVER.
  4. Put up a poster on your door with the words : "I WILL PASS MY EXAMS!!!!" on it. Just do it. 
  5. Make sure your handwriting is readable. You need to make sure an exam marker will be able to understand everything you have written. If you have messy/loopy/tiny handwriting, I suggest trying to practice writing more legibly. You don't get any marks for being fancy and looping your letters. If an exam marker cannot read your writing, chances are, they won't bother trying to decode the words. Don't risk it.
B. The last month before exams:
  1. Cut down on your caffeine intake (you need a lot of sleep during the next few weeks) and do a little daily exercise, if you don't already. Trust me on this one. Endorphins are amazing stress relievers, better than any frappé. Try skipping/jumping rope. Very good for you, and will show you how very unfit you are. Good motivation for summer.
  2. Have serious study session with friends. Go through areas of your subjects that you aren't sure of together. No watching movies, talking about boys, or spur of the moment baking. 
  3. If you are very organised, create a study schedule - although, you probably might have already made one. 
  4. Set yourself a very high goal and assure yourself that you can pass your exams without breaking a sweat. That way, you are drilling positive thinking into your mind. Good for your self-esteem, too.
  5. Don't act like studying is the most important thing in the world, even more than your family and friends. While it may be very important, blocking out all outside contact is not healthy. You need to breathe. Go out occasionally, take your siblings out for ice cream, call your friends to make plans for after exams, apply for summer jobs at your local supermarket or mall (otherwise, like me, you will be stuck for weeks on end with nothing to do...)
C. The week before exams - this is your "last-minute revision" week:
  1. Ignore B.5. You have to bury your head in your books and STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!!
  2. Don't panic. You're basically going to set yourself up for a total "I am DOOMED!" breakdown. DON'T. PANIC. EVER!
  3. Go to sleep early every night you have exams. 
  4. Read all the rules of your examinations (keep all pens in a clear bag, don't take any paper into the exam room, etc...)
After exams, you can basically throw you feet up and relax.

So, for anyone who is taking exams soon,



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