Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss for Rimmel

{Phew, long post title, right?}


I recently went out with my mother and purchased this lipstick in the shade 107. It is so lovely! I rarely find bold lipsticks that look nice on me so it's definitely a keeper! This is quite a bargain, you can check it out here on ASOS. The packaging is also very nice.

The colour is wine-red/dark pink. It's very pigmented and does not dry out a lot during the day. I like wearing it with lip balm underneath. As you may have guessed, this lipstick is very much for those who prefer a bold look. I'm not bold - I shall be wearing it only in the evening.

In the sunlight.

Isn't the casing cute? Aw.

xx Tina

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stop Stressing!


So, I just finished this term and I'm looking forward to a couple weeks of rest and recreation. It's been a very tough term and I am so glad it's over!!!

I'm looking forward to doing as little as I possibly can.

By the way, this was just a spare sheet of rough work. 

Anyway. I've had my fair share of scholastic disappointments, and I know just how hard it is to look at an exam result and feel like crying (not the good kind). 

I think it's really important to realize that school is where you learn. You are allowed to make mistakes because when you make a mistake, you learn from it and never repeat it. If high school was just for the perfect, smart over-achievers, every school in the world would shut down. You aren't born smart. You learn. You fall down then you pick yourself back up again. You don't want to remember the bad points in high school. Remember meeting your friends, becoming confident, becoming the person you are because of your mistakes, not in spite of them. 

If you put in the work and try as hard as you can, that is what counts. A test score or exam result shouldn't dictate the way you see yourself. That being said, studying should be your main priority as a student.

Be the best you can be and if you do that, you are set for life. 

Keep smiling!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Good Skin For School


Beauty and school don't mix. Stress causes breakouts and since school can be a very stressful place during your later years, it's important to feel confident and happy with your appearance.

I'll just take this opportunity to say that old, cliché (but true!) phrase:

Beauty is not skin deep, it's what's on the inside that counts.

However, when you have a major zit on your forehead, your self esteem can go down very fast. My solution is to have a good skincare regime that will keep you looking good for school and feeling great inside!

Firstly, cleansing. Your cleanser does not have to be expensive, it needs to do the job. Figure out what kind of skin type you have (e.g. dry, oily, combination, etc.) and Google away!. Figure out what cleanser is best for you. Scour your local pharmacy or drugstore. Look at reviews, and find out what the general consensus is on cleansers. Chances are, if a lot of people have given the product the thumbs up, you will too.

You can use a daily scrub instead of a regular cleanser. My scrub of choice is the Blackhead Clearing Scrub by Clearasil. I don't have blackheads, but I absolutely love the feeling of this cleanser. It doesn't strip your face of its natural oils but leaves your skin soft and manageable. A definite rating of 10/10.

Next, moisturizer. This needs to suit your skin type, too. I have to say a moisturizer with sunscreen is very important. Sunscreen can save you a whole lot of trouble later in life. My mother gave me a bottle of Olay Complete Moisturizer with SPF 15 and that is my facial lotion of choice. It's smooth and makes concealer easy to blend. Another 10/10 product.

Last thing: lip balm! You need to carry a little tube of lip balm around everywhere to make sure your lips don't chap (or crack and bleed in some cases). My favourite lip balm is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie. It usually lives in my locker at school. My rating is 8/10. It's a bit pricey but apart from that, it's great. Of course, using Vaseline is fine too, and works especially well in those freezing winter months.

Well. That's it.

I know. Easy, right? Of course, if you have bad breakouts and need acne cream, add that onto the list. Make sure your acne cream is not too harsh on you skin, as zits can leave scars. This is a reason to moisturize, lotion keeps pimple marks soft, as when they dry out, they scar. Also, you can use a toner, but I feel like that is an optional beauty product. Make sure it's suited for younger skin, as toner tightens your skin.

Now, for school, make-up can be a little bit of a risk if you aren't allowed any. My suggestion is to stick by the rules as you will probably forget the Great Zit Wars of '09 in a few years. If you can't bear to be seen with a pimple or mark in public, try some concealer. Make sure you don't cake it on, because it won't let your skin breathe and heal itself.

Happy cleansing!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why You Should Go To Op-Shops

Hey there!

Okay, so as the title blatantly suggests, I'm thoroughly into "op-shopping". It's a great way to spend a few extra coins here and there, and score yourself some outrageous bargains on otherwise expensive items. This afternoon, I was at the local village (no cows, no sheds, no hay - we're not living in Fiddler on the Roof, this is the 21st Century) when I came across the old hospice op-shop. It's been there for ages, but I'd never really gone inside until this year. It actually is an amazing place. Look beneath the dusty clothes and broken VHS cassettes and you could find yourself something pretty cool.

Today, I happened to find the book "About a Boy" by Nick Hornby (the movie stars Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Grant) and a 2010 British Vogue. Now, for all of you living in Britain, Vogue may not be that big of a deal to you, it's not that expensive and they print regularly. However, for people in New Zealand, the magazine arrives about three-quarters of the way through the month, and cost up to the equivalent of ₤10. I know, ridiculous. Unfortunately, freight costs add up by the time they reach the Pacific. Finding a Vogue, and paying 50 cents for it was unbelievable.

A couple of months ago, my father found this cute little shelf in a Salvation Army op-shop, which coincidentally matched the other one in my room. It cost NZD$6 and is now a display shelf hanging beside my dresser. It's amazing how one person's junk is another person's treasure. Give op-shopping a go. You might find exactly what you were looking for!