Friday, March 15, 2013

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Hair Care Review


It's been quite a while, yes, but I'm back now! I was thinking, this is a blog about me, being a teenager, and I haven't put up any beauty related posts! 

Shocking, I know.

Anyway, I thought I'd start with the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Hair Care box, which consists of the dry shampoo, the dehumidifier and the heat protection spray. Firstly, I want to say that all of my opinions are 100% honest, and remember, they are one person's thoughts so if you feel differently, that's fine. Altogether, it cost NZD$40,which is roughly USD$33 or GBP£22. There are more products in the Poker Straight range, but I picked up this one as the products by themselves were more expensive.

This was my least favourite product. I haven't really used dry shampoo before, but even after following the instructions, I still felt that this wasn't doing a great job. I have oily roots and I thought that a dry shampoo might prolong the time between washing my hair, but unfortunately, nothing happened. It had a generally nice fragrance, not overly strong, but I will not be purchasing this again. Perhaps this product works best on people with thinner, or lighter coloured hair. I think Batiste has better dry shampoos so I might give one of them a try. Rating: 2/10

I had no idea what a hair dehumidifier was before picking this up. It is supposed to keep your hair flat and prevent frizz, which it does well. I think it does the job and has a nice scent. I generally spray this on my hair when the weather is humid, as hair tends to frizz when it's damp outside. Rating: 6.5/10

My favourite product, partly because of the spray bottle, which is more eco-friendly than the other two. Good amount of product, nice scent, does the job well. As I don't usually straighten my hair, I use it mostly for blow-drying, and it does keep my hair from drying out too much. Rating: 8/10

To be completely honest, I do not think I will be repurchasing any of these products as I feel they aren't totally worth the price. There are cheaper options out there and I will be sticking to those from now on. However, that being said, I do want to point out that my hair is nearly straight, naturally. Perhaps this range is better for those with more wavier hair. (If you have super curly hair, I don't think you should expect any miracles from this. A flat-iron would be a wiser option.)


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