Saturday, November 10, 2012

French Market


It's Sunday, don't believe the date stamp at the top of this post, and I'm a little scared, because tomorrow is the beginning of a week of exams. So, as a little excursion, my parents and I drove down to a beach where a French market is held every month. It's really sweet. There's music, coffee, fresh pastries from a local café and a lot of little jams and compotes, all bottled up for sale.

The market is a perfect people-watching place. Children run around holding sticky jam buns, adults stand around with cups of espresso and bowls of cassoulet, it's all very relaxing. I stood in line for a ham and cheese galette for a good ten minutes, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I don't have a photo because it was super delicious and gone in a flash, but, I did get a photo of one of the two almond croissants we bought for a tea time snack. They were too, gone in a flash.

Happy Sunday!


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