Monday, September 16, 2013

Capri by Essie

In a couple weeks, I will be heading to New Caledonia on a school trip, with my friends, for a week. We were all discussing outfits and swimwear when I realized that I needed a nail-polish to wear for the trip. It was an easy choice. For the past few weeks, I have been loving Essie's nail polish. We don't get them in New Zealand very much - you have to really look around to find one. I was at a mass make-up clearance and came across some really pretty colours, but the one that stood out was definitely Capri

It's a beautiful, bold orange. I know that half the world is heading into winter, but this is the perfect colour for pretending you're in the middle of a hot summer. I was very impressed by how fast the polish dries. Also, you only need one coat on each nail to get a really nice colour. A 9/10 rating from me!

If you are interested in Essie nail polishes and haven't bought one before, I would recommend looking into purchasing one or two. If you're into pastel shades, I would check out Mint Candy Apple. It's a gorgeous shade of green.

xx Tina

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