Wednesday, October 3, 2012

French Lunch


Okay, another food related French teacher organised a fantastic lunch for our class this afternoon. We all went to the city, to a cute restaurant called Pastis.

It was absolutely fabulous, the food was amazing but I think the best bit was just relaxing and chatting to each other without worrying about exams - which are in a month - so it was pretty cool. I didn't take a whole heap of photos, but I do want to announce :

I ate a snail.

Yeah, yeah, I know for a lot of people, this might be totally ordinary and not at all a really big deal, but remember that I am totally terrified of oysters, so imagine how I felt, eating a snail. It wasn't actually that bad (tasty, actually), but the texture was definitely not my cup of tea.

Onion Soup (heavenly!!!)
Beef Bourguignon 
Basque Chicken (I sneaked a taste from my friend and nearly passed out from how good it was)
 Really amazing chocolate mousse that I polished off 'til the glass was clean.

So, you can probably tell that I stuffed myself full and couldn't eat another bite, except for a teensy little canelé that I bought from the French deli near the bus stop.

À bientôt,


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