Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone (who celebrates Christmas) has been having a lovely holiday! I personally had a wonderful week, as my relatives came over to visit. They brought with them a heap of teenage-friendly presents.

I've completely pigged out on cookies and assorted snacks for the past few days, not to mention the many cans of soda and heaped plates of my mother's dark chocolate fudge. Looking back, I can now identify over-indulgence as the main cause of my splitting head + tummy-ache after Christmas mass. Among the presents under the tree were a beautiful pair of dark, distressed denim shorts that I shall be wearing for the rest of the summer, the entire set of "The Sullivan's" (an Australian soap from the 70's) and a gorgeous hot pink satchel.

Have a lovely rest of the year and good luck for 2013! (My resolution is to actually start working out, it's been a pipe dream for a while, now)...


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